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Ahem...In a world where my ambition precedes me

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Similar to much of the world (I think and I hope), I've decided that I'm a true gift to humanity and am a talented DIY-Queen who can achieve anything and creating a successful blog is well within my limits. (Maybe I have too much self-confidence, I guess you can decide.) You see, I go through phases where I convince myself that having done the absolute bare-minimum of research in something gives me enough expertise to be able to try it myself and somehow succeed. Sometimes I'm right (also see: Learning to knit via YouTube, Learning to embroider via Youtube, Painting Bold and Brash from SpongeBob for my best friend's birthday, etc.), sometimes I'm wrong (also see: Realizing I can braid the left side of my hair fine but can't figure out how to do the right side, Learning to play guitar via YouTube, Knowing taxes like a real adult), and this blog is for all of the ideas that have yet to be put to fruition (also see: Becoming a successful internet sensation, Learning how to make furniture when you definitely don't have the prior necessary knowledge, Think you can become a stand-up comedian? Let's find out!).

In all honesty, this blog will probably be a major brain-dump of whatever I'm obsessing over at that moment, but I hope that it's done so in a way that is relatable and enjoyable for you, the viewer. I hope you can read this blog, relate to me at least a little, and think "yeah, I've definitely been there before." After all, they say that having your audience relate to you is the first step in being the world's next sensational stand-up comedian. (Here's where I'd insert " :P " if this was still 2007... and yes, I did just search for the emoji so I could still add it.)


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