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Add a catchy title they said, creating a blog will be fun they said

I don't know if you're anything like me, but I like to stay relatively reserved when I try absolutely anything (despite what you might think from my public blog that's about to broadcast my successes and failures to the world). Several of those who kow me probably don't know that I tried out almost all of the internet platforms (YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, etc.), did minor acting, and have a song on Spotify (that's lit, right?). I typical feel uncomfortable when talking about this stuff, because it feels awkward to talk about this stuff unless you've reached "success" (usually read as being famous, earning income off it, and having a bazillion followers - no more, no less). It's uncomfortable to talk about the very real experience of climbing your way up the (hopefully metaphorical) ladder.

I guess we can say this is precisely why I have decided that I'm going to start this blog on the computer of my town's public library... on one of the computers that is facing literally everyone. (Truthfully it's because I'm a creature of habit and the computer that I usually use had someone sitting next to it and I've avoided contact people I don't know well before COVID.) To help you visualize the experience that I'm having, I'll create a MS paint drawing because I'm a true artist depicting this entire situation so you can feel like you're living it with me... (and so can everyone else in this library). In this picture, my usual computer is the pink/magenta one, but I'm currently seated at the orange one. And in case you were wondering, yes people walked past me while I was creating this picture and yes, I am absolutely mortified... and before anyone asks why I didn't go into the room with computers, I'm pretty sure that's only reserved for the computer classes.


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