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A list of all the places I've publicly cried

I recently was trying to take a flight from one place to another for the 3rd time (that's a post for another day) and I saw a girl crying at the airport (twice). After getting my seat at the gate, I went to buy her a chocolate bar because I felt like she needed some cheering up. Unfortunately she was no longer there when I went to give it to her. I boarded the plane which then ultimately never took off and I ended up getting rebooked for the following day. (Spoiler alert: the 4th time didn't work either.) On the way out while I was waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up (because he's an absolute sweetheart) I saw another girl crying. Before leaving the airport I walked up to her and gave her the chocolate bar to cheer her up.

I could tell how embarrassed both girls were for crying in public, because usually that's something uncomfortable to go through and I can relate. However, for some ungodly reason, I don't seem to care if I cry in public. I will openly bawl my eyes out while strangers look at me and I am not embarrassed at all. In fact, I usually feel worse for making the other people uncomfortable. Anyway, it got me thinking and for someone who doesn't cry a lot, I sure do cry a lot in public. I decided to let us all have a good laugh at me so I have put together a list of all the places I have publicly cried. They are in no particular order. Enjoy :)

  • The Wawa parking lot (in my car).

  • The Wawa store - Specifically in line waiting for the cashier while on the phone and as the woman in front of me judges me heavily

  • JFK airport because an airline I won't name cancelled a flight that I was looking forward to and couldn't get us on another flight for several days.

  • EWR airport because the rebooked flight also didn't take off.

  • Denny's before they brought us lunch

  • Outback before they brought us dinner

  • Olive Garden on and off during pretty much the entirety of the time that we were there. Unfortunately (and hilariously looking back on it), the peak of this cry happened as they started singing Happy Birthday to me and bringing out the tiramisu for my birthday. They started singing before they rounded the corner and I didn't have enough time to pull myself together so I cried the entire time they were singing. Yeah, it was totally uncomfortable in the moment for everyone, but let's be honest -- it's a hilarious story looking back on it from all POVs.

  • In the theatres during Elemental

  • In some random subway stop in Manhattan because I thought that I had enough time to make it to Penn to take the last train home. However, I accidentally did my stop to Penn twice when planning the trip and I totally missed my train home as I was at the stop. I then preceded to call three different people and cry about how I thought I was going to ruin Mother's Day which was the following day.

  • The floor's lounge in my dorm (numerous times)

  • During a meeting at work

  • During 30 minutes of an hour-long parasailing adventure. HOWEVER, I wasn't actually crying... it just really looked like it. The wind was bothering my eyes and then I wiped my eyes... but I had sunscreen on my hands and then that got in my eyes and then my eyes couldn't stop watering... and then my body reacted to trying to get the sunscreen out of my eyes by making my nose run... So when me and my boyfriend got back on the boat, I was full on crying. The guy running it asked if we had a good time and I genuinely did... But it fully looked like he broke up with me mid-air. (Spoiler alert: he didn't)

Anyway, I'm sure this list is not over. I've already added to it 3 times since the original draft.


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